Friday, September 21, 2012

Into the Wild | The Doe Bay Sessions

My passive appreciation for Sex and the City ended full stop when Carrie pulled all those tantrums at Aiden's place in Suffern. Girls shouldn't yell at men who build cabins. They should marry them - or at least work out some AirBNB-type exchange situation, especially when Ma Nature ushers in sweater/cuddling-by-the-fire/hot-toddy season over night. To celebrate the glorious chill, I give you a dose of tunes from the woods of Seattle via the wonderful blog, Sound on the Sound. Their Doe Bay Sessions lilt across the ears and almost waft into the nose (with MAJOR notes of ceder, BO and patchouli) in the most lovely way. 

Above is Sera Cahoone.

Black Whales

Portland Cello Project


Karena said...

I completely agree with you about Carrie's treatment of Aiden!

Great music! I am ready for sweater weather!

Art by Karena

Joy said...

Love these videos! I started rewatching parts of it again and man I couldn't stand the hypocrisy of that woman! She's so grating. Poor Big and Aiden!

ajay said...

good post ...........