Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Charting Inspiration

Port and I are keeping track of all the things we'd love to buy for ourselves (but cannot (damnit!)) or for clients (hopefully!) at the Hovey Design tumblr page. I'm a bit heart broken that I didn't choose this wonderful grid theme for my own when I launched it. While it's much more fun to look at the page as a chart, we're tweeting all this too via @HoveyDesign.


Karena said...

Hollister very cool items on your wish list. I have not used Tumblr or Pinterest and really need to get with the program!

Art by Karena

red ticking said...

loving the inspiration... even though we cannot acquire it all... it is fun dreaming about it!
happy new year....xx


Thanks so much for the lists of shops, bars and eateries- myself and my family will be in NY in feb and we're staing lower eastside for the first time. Can't wait to hit these places ! X

tumoliu said...

Like hollister.Hollister is so cool!