Sunday, November 20, 2011

Acquisitions | Field Boots, Slips, Cap and Case!

Traditionally, the annual Pier Antiques Show has seemed like a real life stroll through - i.e. a fantastic experience for that 1% crew. If you stuck next to the Hermes and Chanel selections, nothing had changed, but we scoured the joint and scored some great 1%-worthy-lookin' stuff for, let's say, 72nd percentile prices. Highlights included these custom-made-for-someone-else (and barely-worn) E. Vogel field boots and a perfect little schoolboy cap. 

Then there were the loads of last minute purchases needed to finish the (honestly almost complete) design project: a flag, a 19th century monkey in a frame, a deco lamp, a sterling and glass bourbon decanter, a horse-jumping photo tryptic, six architectural sketches and an old squash racket. 

On top of all that, I meandered through SoHo and Nolita where I found a great leather iPhone case at the J.Crew men's shop and the warmest, cutest wintery espadrille-esque house slippers from the new Armor Lux shop on Mulberry Street. The latter helped me realize the true greatest failing of corporate America today: only 0.00001% of workers actually get to wear wool house slippers at the office. 

I think I need a tent.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

The slippers are amazing, but so much more in conjunction with those boots!!

MJH Design Arts said...

Love at first sight!! Those boots!

Hollister H. Hovey said...

The boots were only $65! We almost fell on the floor. Many thanks to the eagle eye that spotted those puppies.

Joy said...

awesome new acquisitions. i adore your taste in things.

Karen said...

I wish I lived somewhere in the find the best stuff! Love the boots and wool slippers. I can hardly wait for the release of your book!
Karen at Garden, Home and Party

Reese said...

Vogel boots...I can't even begin to express my jealousy. Enjoy them to the utmost!