Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Perils (and Virtues!) of Prince Street

Prince Street is proving utterly perilous. Like a Bermuda triangle, er, straight line, of impulse buying fits. A couple years back, I decided it would be good to get a bit of exercise and walk from Grand Central home across the Williamsburg Bridge. I bought a Prada purse on the way. There was the Louis Vuitton trunk purchased on a coffee run this spring. And two weeks ago, it was this Hermes H Hour watch on a stroll to the 6 train. NOT GOOD (but SOOO GOOD!). 

The thing is - these are some of my favorite purchases of all time - mostly because I'd coveted the items for years and then found them waiting for me, like holy grails unveiled, at prices I could swallow at consignment shops and sample sales. 

The watch came from A Second Chance, this incredible shop filled with so much vintage Chanel that Coco or Karl might even be envious. The exterior is painted a frightening color of hot pink, so I'd been walking past it for years, thinking it was some no-name version of Claire's Boutiques. I couldn't have been more wrong. The Prada bag was from INA - which is always fantastic (as is the men's shop next door - I went for a coffee with a friend and talked him in to a pop-in. He left with three Ralph Lauren herringbone tweed blazers).

(AND I thought it would be fun to update the watch a bit, so I replaced the tan leather Hermes band - which was really great - with this gator one from Central Watch at Grand Central. They've got loads of beautiful lizard and croc/gator ones - as well as more nylon stripes than you can imagine).


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Fabulous! The watch!

Terrapin Stationers said...

Love the watch and Central Watch is the best.

Karena said...

Really good looking and I love it with your bangles which are also gorgeous!! Great find.

Art by Karena

Tynan, Angelica said...

Okay, I'm still lusting after your green & yellow Prada plexi & now you do this to me.

You know what's really cool about the photo above? The subtle peek of your loafers.

Cool, man. Cool.

jones said...

I want to watch. Great shopping. Mary

ABG said...

Good for you and forgive me but have you seen the Holland and Holland bangles!/articles/4916-gift-guide-holland-holland-bangles


I remain
your faithful follower,

Hollister H. Hovey said...

Woah - those are so rad!