Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Barcelona Photo Evidence | Sights and Eats

Back from Barca! What an amazing trip - phenomenal hotels, ridiculous weather, potentially illegal quantities of Estrella Damm, beautiful sights and more squid than I ever thought I'd consume.  Here's Part 1 of the photo evidence. Shops and hotels to follow! (Above: Columbus Monument)

Gaudi's famous and forever unfinished Sagrada Familia

Some of the selections at Bar Morrysoom, a fun little divey tapas joint into which we stumbled

The old customs house

A "tattooed" lady outside parliament

The Catalan Parliment

A greenhouse in the Parc de la Ciutadella

Yoohoo (kinda)

The pharmacies are ridiculously beautiful - and all completely art nouveau

London Bar, one of Hemingway's old haunts

Like a Corinthian column, but a tree! (Probably a wildly famous building)

A key feature to the cloisters? Animals! Swans galore (often violent lil buggers) at Barcelona Cathedral. (Another one had chickens).

Mucho muerte: skulls + crossbones were all over everything. This, along with loads of amazing crests are carved into the floor of the Barcelona Cathedral's cloisters.


Mahala said...

Barcelona is the most fabulous city. I would live there if I spoke Spanish. It epitomizes modern Spain, an eclectic blend of tradition, history, and European sophistication.

donna baker said...

I recently spent ten days in Paris and the trip, though beautiful, nearly killed me. Pray tell, is travel just for the youthful? From now on, I think I will just have to look at pictures of the worldly places.

Joy C. said...

Beautiful photographs! Jealous!
Glad you had fun though.

meenal bishnoi said...

this post brought back a flood of memories from last i love that vibrant and full of life..though for a vegetarian it can get a bit hard to have variety in meals but i'm not complaining..loved all the architecture favourite bit..the passion facade of the la sagrada familia..can't get it out of my system! great to have stumbled upon your unique blog..i'll be back for more! have a lovely may also visit my blog and say hola!! xx meenal

Karena said...
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Karena said...

Hollister great trip....that carved tree OMG!!

So wonderful to see exciting architecture!

Art by Karena

Jessica Define said...

great evidence, i always forget to photograph such details.

Mary Young said...

That green house at the Parc de Cuitadella (pictured) actually opens up into a weekend restaurant in the evenings in the summer, with a small band, candlelit tables and lovely food. I love that you took that photo, that park was a favorite haunt of mine back when I lived in Barca.