Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Auctions | Shabby Chic III at Pierre Bergé Brussels

Perhaps I'm being a bit of a lazy blogger by not linking to the individual lots, but I also cannot breathe! Very hard to type without oxygen! A reader just sent over a link to this INSANE "Shabby Chic III" auction that Pierre Bergé Brussels is holding on March 28. Pretty much each and every object is perfection. Click around and let your mind run wild! A taxidermy kangaroo? C'mon!


Joy C. said...

Having a dead animal lying around for no reason is all sorts of wrong but I have to say amazing auction that I would love to participate in!

tdclassicist said...

Although there are some interesting objects, I am officially over taxidermy as decoration. The sight of that little bulldog did it.

flwrjane said...

Am I the last person to read your fantastic write up in Elle Decoration?

Wonderful writing and pictures. Loved it all.

So now here I am. And I love what I've been seeing.

I'll be back.


Karena said...

Hollister that trunk and chair are so cool!!

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Art by Karena

Helen - Lilac and Lily said...

I've just checked this out and it is amazing. I want the little collection of mushrooms.