Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Fashioned Sweat

Porter and I always tease her friend Chris for going into any store, finding the key grey item, pointing and saying, "Wow, that is such a great color." When it comes to walls and sweatshirts, though, he's damned right - especially when either are set off by ivory accouterments (be it crown moulding or Chucks). Uniqlo is selling vintage-style sweatshirts in amazing shades of grey (and oatmeal) for only $20 bucks this week. They're slim cut, unbelievably soft and come with the proper v-stitching at the neck. They're in the boys section, but look quite cute on the ladies.


Joy C. said...

I always find the Uniqlo kind of lacking compared to Muji in Hong Kong...Anyway who doesn't love a good grey piece?

a journal of curisoities said...

get me one.they look amazing.

Karena said...

Hollister I have been wearing every single shade of grey this winter!

Great Find!

Art by Karena

Dandy said...

do you know this place? it has hollister hovey written all over it. well, not really, but it should