Monday, June 14, 2010

HHH Shopping Guide | Asia Fetish

{1} Illesteva Frieda Black Sunglasses, Gargyle, $180

{2} Robert Clegerie Naya Raffia Shoes, Zappos, $355

{3} Draped Sack Dress, JoDemontis Etsy Shop, $130

{4} Robert Geller/ CA4LA Straw Hat, Blackbird, $150.99

{5} SIWA Paper Briefcase, Sweet Bela, Unknown

{6} Bamboo Director’s Chair, Grandin Road, $89.00


Myles Henry Blog said...

I love when you do these. That bamboo chair is bomb. Thanks for the post.

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh my that dress is so fabulous! I'm heading over to Etsy immediately.

Erica said...

your blog is making me all swoon-y today.

Karen + Sara said...

love the mix. great work, as always.