Friday, August 14, 2009

Blogs | Wallflower Dispatches from Southern France

Kerstin Vosshans lives in and writes about the South of France -- and has absolutely wonderful taste in jodhpurs.  Check out her Wallflower Dispatches and take note of the other 20 amazing examples of elephant-eared riding pants she has on display.  (Above: Jodhpurs Photograph Nr. 17 by Miss Louise Ireland & Miss Helen Marye, April 18th, 1925, via shorpy)

Jodhpurs Photograph Nr. 21 by Maharaja of Kotah and Maharaja Ishwari Singh

Jodphurs Nr. 23 by Edward VIII (later The Duke of Windsor) in the uniform of a Scottish Highlander while at Quebec, Canada, on his last visit to the dominion.


marion said...

When I grew up, jodhpurs were tight-fitting trousers that went snugly down to the ankle and were worn with short paddock (or jodhpur) boots which went up under the cuffs at the ankle. Riding breeches, on the other hand, were trousers which ended at the knee and were worn with knee high boots. Different things. Most of these pictures are of what were known as riding breeches, not jodhpurs. Nice pictures, though.

Santino said...

Pronunciation: \ˈjäd-(ˌ)pər\
Function: noun
Etymology: Jodhpur, India
Date: 1899
1 plural : riding breeches cut full through the hips and close-fitting from knee to ankle
2 : an ankle-high boot fastened with a strap that is buckled at the side —called also jodhpur boot

David said...

Nice to see the old nazi elegantly turned out.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Edward takes the cake.

Blushing hostess said...

Thank you for introducing me!

And... I had to wear jodpurs learning to ride as a child. Now we tell new horsey people they do not make jodpurs for adults just to prevent thing like these puff jod wearers! :)

Susan said...

Edward was such a handsome fellow, wasn't he? said...

Great Fashions and Images!