Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friends and Fam | Ryan Matthew Cohn's Workshop

Here's a peek into the Greenpoint, Brooklyn workshop of my friend Ryan Matthew Cohn, silversmith, leather man, osteologist and taxidermy collector (he's the one who scored the five peacocks and the reason why two swans are flying in my living room).  He bought that skeleton off a woman upstate.  It belonged to her father, an Odd Fellow and Free Mason. She dismantled it and stuffed it into a duffel bag, which Ryan carried home, innocently, on the bus back to the city.

He learned Native American-style silversmithing from one of Ralph Lauren's first clients and later taught himself how to distress leather.  He made all those belts and the bandolier bag hanging on the left, as well as the canvas and leather one above the vintage all-leather postal bag. He recently launched an accessory line - Ryan Matthew - which he'll be selling through Against Nature, a men's shop he's starting with his friends. The shop will also offer custom tailoring from Amber Doyle and Jake Meuser (under the Doyle Meuser label) and SPJ denim.

Against Nature
Set to open in early August on Chrystie between Rivington and Delancey.

(Friends and Fam - a new series offering a peek into the homes of my friends and family)


Paul Pincus said...

She dismantled it and stuffed it into a duffel bag, which Ryan carried home, innocently, on the bus back to the city.

ha! he sounds fascinating! thank you for the intro to mr. matthews and his work.

Hannah said...

A man of many talents indeed. What a wonderful space to work in too, you'd never be short of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Skeletons are cool. Is your friend Ryan hung? Just curious :)

Medieval Modernist said...

Very lovely. You may want to check out the amazing 17th century curiosity room inspired salon by Joey Silvestera. And for the kids Just some thoughts.

darthdinn said...

as the director of a small museum of curiousities and natural specimens in vermont its really wonderful that there seems to be so much interest in antiquities of this type,,, ie: domestic taxidermy.
stuffed dalmatians really float my boat.
and matthew ryan cohn is cute as heck. if that matters.
if youre interested in our exhibits, and our wiki, check out
cordial personal regards, --dff

Ambivalent Relics said...

Could Ryan get any hotter? Just askin...