Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Sale Fit for a Gent!

Oh, what a terrible tragedy to have not been in London today.  Bonhams managed to auction off my entire repertoire of taste in one fell swoop: taxidermy, militaria, Victorian library do-dads, chesterfield couches.  A Gentleman's (er, in my case, Gentlewoman's) Library Sale of the finest!  Almost everything sold, but the catalog should spawn a thousand new ebay searches.  

(The sale included a collection of animal skeletons, fossils, human skulls, butterflies, tusks and other curiosities amassed by Southwold archaeologist and anthropologist, Hubert Dennis Colllings).

A few of my favorite things (all sold!).

(Exhibition photo courtesy The Telegraph. Item images courtesy Bonhams).

Thank you, Toad, for sending me to this brilliant collection!


Laura said...

So fascinating! I love that webbed foot. Very morbid yet cool.

Toad said...

Glad to be of service.

T.A. said...

Nice layout. Those brass steps are outstanding!

theselvedgeyard said...


your taste level is beyond reproach.


lisa said...

Ironically Curious!
Curiously ironic!

The man in the photo is holding a Narwhal. And all the Narwhal have been withdrawn from the auction.

Could there be a mystery underfoot?

This calls for my tweads and twinset... and a cuppa.

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

I went to Bonhams for the auction. Some amazing things there. (Hollister - I can't believe you didn't include a photo of the stuffed polar bear).

Also some definite bargains, although I was outbid on the few things that I bid on.