Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Few Cool Coats from the Men's Collections

Men's fashion shows generally scare me, but I flew through them quickly and found a few classic-ish coats that I'd only be partially terrified to see on a suitor. Above: Dries Van Noten (yes, it looks like the collar is ready to wring this guy's swan neck, but I like the concept).


Hermès (could be beautiful, or bastardized into that new money Aspen look with blonde highlights and jeans).

Louis Vuitton

(All images from men.style.com)


columnist said...

The Louis Vuitton jacket is sensational; it can't be crocodile can it?

The Fab Miss B said...

That alligator trench is to DIE for. Love love love.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd be the sort to enjoy watching the haute couture shows - style.com has all of the coverage. I'd love to get your opinion on a part of the industry which is so exclusive, expensive, and done purely for art and aesthetic's sake.

Paul Pincus said...

gosh, i love love the dries van noten. beautiful.