Sunday, December 7, 2008

Acquisitions: Specs, Fencing Mask, 1934 Class Photo, Tweed

Tortoise Rayban Wayfarers, Oculus 20/20

Vintage Fencing Mask, Ebay

Hamburg High School Seniors at Mount Vernon, 1934, Housing Works
(scanned in three parts, poorly)

Porter's Acquisition: Rugby Sabina Wool Tailcoat

Krizia Rx Sunglasses, Oculus 20/20

(Too many HHH glamour shots in glasses lately, I think...)


vicki archer said...

never too many spec shots - love the wayfarers, very Clark Kent. xv

mamacita said...

plus your freckles are sexy.

drinkinanddronin said...

tortoise and tweed!

absolute beauty.

Anonymous said...

Your great taste exhibits itself once again - aside from the great portraiture, I love your choice of glasses. It's great to see frames that venture far left of main stream and they complement your face oh so well.

Paul Pincus said...

random: william butler yeats started learning to fence at age forty-eight. eleven years after learning to fence, yeats won the nobel prize for literature in 1923.

love the wayfarers. the fencing mask is handsome. i love that you acquired a 1934 class photograph!!! you're highly original! i know, you hear that all the time ; )

Joanna Goddard said...

hollister, why are you so awesome? :)

porter hovey said...

yes . . . you're just lucky I got out of bed to take these great portraits :)

hello gorgeous said...

Tortoise is my fave. Thanks, Porter, for your part.

Le Club Du Style said...

two of my favorite things combined in one post- menswear inspired clothes and glasses. perfect!

Courtney said...

Lovely-when you have the impeccable taste that you do, don't ever apologize for the glamor shots. Killer specs and fabulous tweed! I live in Austin and we're constantly teased with one day of 40-degree weather (so I can sport my winter classics) to be followed by a week of 75-degree days :(.

Alina said...

the tortoise is always, oh soo marvelous.

Niya said...

Really fantastic.

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