Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad(minton) Behavior

We East Coasters think we're so fancy with our mixology bars, but in Minnesota, they require quite a bit more than natural ingredients and a stool to get properly tossed. Thirty two of them decided that "more" = custom tennis whites, an official crest, a very nice lawn and a few shuttlecocks. You can read a bit more about the Minneapolis Badminton Club's first annual Invitational Mixed-Doubles Championship here. My grade-schoolmate Johnny Whitaker and his adorable wife Heidi took home the Freeman Cup. Heading to the U.S. Open tonight. We'll see if Roddick can match this performance.

(Two token brunettes take in the action)


Exit Lines said...

Not only was an old friend a participant in the old badminton tournament, he was in fact the head of the rules committee.
Serious business indeed.

Sam Utne said...

I'm missing this on Saturday and thought I was over it but you're making me regret my decision not to fly back to MN for it. I'll have to dust off my club shirt on Saturday and wear it around Brooklyn.